The GlowBoard kit containing (1) Power Supply (guaranteed for a full year against defect), (2) 12" x 12" Panels and all connection harnesses needed to mount is available for $130.00 + Shipping, Handling and Sales Tax.

GlowBoard - Number backlighting for night time race vehicle identification

GlowBoard; a lightweight, flexible, paper thin panel providing illumination to make race vehicle number visible in the dark. One power supply powers two panels, one each side of the vehicle. GlowBoard has been a part of endurance racing since 2011. After its debut at the Charge of the Headlight Brigade, Virginia International Raceway, GlowBoard has evolved under racing conditions to be a reliable system required by some of the premier endurance racing events on the east coast. GlowBoard is in its 4th version. The 4th version incorporates all the improvements made over the years and more.

The power supply is connected to vehicle 12 Volts dc converting to AC voltage required by the Panels.The Power Supply self protects, turns off, when input voltage exceeds 16 Volts dc. Some race vehicles are fitted with non OEM control systems that allow battery/ignition voltage to rise above 16 Volts. Please be sure your vehicle has a power connection that will maintain 12 to 16 Volts dc to the GlowBoard Power Supply.The power supply is diode protected against power input reversal and fused for overcurrent protection.

The Power Inverter is guaranteed for a full year against defect. Panels may be susceptible to damage depending upon where they are attached to the vehicle. If on the side of the vehicle, rubbing while racing may cause damage or failure. Protect them or locate them where damage is less likely to happen. The inside of a side window behind the driver is best, if available.

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